3 things you do exceedingly well.

Is it what you know? Or is it who you know? Or is it WHO KNOWS YOU? I do 3 things exceedingly well which  accelerate the wherewithal for you to be KNOWN, FOUND and SOUGHT and HIRED: 

As an Executive Recruiter, I bring forth A Player talent to organizations in the NY City Metropolitan area for  both private and public well-established firms and emerging companies who possess and stress these common  attributes: 1) Purpose; 2) Employee Development; 3) High Standards for Hiring; 4) Positive Culture &  Inspirational Leadership; 5) Valued contributions from all associates; 6) Exceeds expectations in the realm of  Customer Service; 7) Promotes Health & Well-being; 8) Drives Revenue Growth; 9) Corporate and Social  Responsibility; 10) Servant Leadership. My clients are always in need of information management  professionals. The winners can easily make their case to my portfolio of judicious clients by clearly  demonstrating how past achievements in one’s present line of work specifically align, and are relevant, to  future performance by utilizing case studies and charted success. And who isn’t an information management  professional in 2020? Sure, it’s the IT Manager as well as the Director of Finance, VP Sales, Digital Marketer,  HR Generalist, Project Manager, Cyber Risk Coder, Data Science Lead, Division Manager, Product Management,  Business Analyst, Chief of Staff, VP of Operations, Managing Director of Artificial Intelligence, Director of  Business Development, etc. Once we come out of this pandemic, my clients will be asking me to look for  “you”…but will it be YOU I find for them? The “virtual unemployment” numbers of the last several years are  in the archives…and that’s OK! Even the “best of the best” employers always require that “extra search  effort”….and appreciate the specialized creativity that I bring to bear in talent acquisition for them. Identifying,  Attracting, Wooing and Securing the “best of the best” employees is 1 of 3 strategic differentiators. Where will  you be when my clients ask me to look?  

As a Talent Agent For Professionals, I “reverse” the process by bringing top flight companies to the attention  of individual clients. I represent and serve an incredibly under-represented and underserved “category”  of highly-deserving and exceptional people: Business Professionals. People hire me to collaborate and  transform lives…careers…families…even destinies. I encourage and equip even the most confident people to  tackle their inhibitions and help them achieve more than they ever imagined. Whether the mechanics of a job  search or tackling the Gig Economy, I reformulate one’s value proposition and make it visible and appealing to  the hidden job market. Instead of being stuck in the job search mud and beholden to static job descriptions,  polluted job boards and the seeming authoritative power of (the unseen) Corporate America, it’s my job to  make you shine. Despite the current state of our nation, we can the horizon. Our livelihoods will continue to  improve as each individual grasps responsibility and is fulfilled with his or her own labor of love. 

As a Power Networker. There is no Network…unless you work your net. A Network is not measured by your  number of LinkedIn connections…although a polished LinkedIn profile is critical. Networking is not about  attending conferences…but getting “out there” is of course important. Networking is not defined by social  media apps. Participating on webinars…and chatting, no matter the educational substance, does not rate. I  help people ACTIVATE their networks. How? Start with purpose. Invite people to dine out and break bread  (those opportunities will come back to us as the pandemic eases). It’s all about the conversations…personal  interactions…and the invitations to engage. Remember the telephone…that world-changing 20th century  invention? And recall what Ronald Reagan once said: “All Great Change in America Begins at the Dinner Table”.  Whenever dinner is these days and wherever that table is located matters not. Sharing a meal is critical to  networking…and the utmost foundation to relationship building. Circumvent the meal at your own risk. Start a  Mastermind Group and establish a “give to get” mentality in helping others. And if you never “get”? Give  anyway. 

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