When exactly did it happen that picking up the telephone became such a chore…to actually place a phone call that is? “Pick up the phone” sounds as archaic as “hold the line”.  Once the definitive expeditor, between two parties who needed to talk live and to talk now, this 20th century stalwart now plays second fiddle to speedy, two-thumbed texters and QWERTY typists.  When it comes to technology, how did THE VOICE ever lose out? The great invention has been unfairly shunned in favor of other devices and methods, whether Email, Social Media, Instant Messaging, Texting, etc. 

For job seekers, the phone deserves its rightful place as it streamlines communications and enhances conversations.  It personalizes interactions, encourages immediacy, and often results in mutual satisfaction for both parties. Yes, two people.  We’ve all recently participated in the explosion of live video and are more readily realizing its benefits.  However, I urge job seekers to not sleep on 1:1 phone calls. What better way, sans a face to face meeting, to engage a potential employer and make a good impression? If you are able to move your candidacy forward and move to the head of the class versus your competition, why not befriend the phone? It will take effort and some planning and practice to trust The Phone…to like The Phone. But I urge you, to pick up the phone, as good things will result.

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