A Dozen Ways To Accelerate Your Job Search in 2021

Watch this video for a dozen ways to accelerate your job search.

One does not simply wake up a success one morning. It requires years of effort and dedication to build yourself up as a valuable asset. Being a valuable asset however is not enough in today competitive job market, job seekers must go the extra mile to separate themselves from the herd and land the position of their dreams. I have built a list you can use to help land you a career that will make you happy based on my decades of experience.

  1. Document Your Goals With Intention
  2. Think things through and create a playbook
  3. Be a friend to your phone
  4. Analyze employment industry data and establish your true value
  5. Study the business of your target employers
  6. Negotiate early and often to establish a positive outcome
  7. Personalize your ideas, BE BOLD, and trust thy brand.
  8. Accept feedback from your trusted advisors
  9. Adopt and practice the rule of 42
  10. Networking is a discipline
  11. Start a mastermind group
  12. Create your narrative by leveraging the power of linked in.

Remember, Its not what you say about yourself that maters… its what others say about you that really counts. Just incase you didn’t get the message the first time, here is another video to explain the steps a potential job seeker should follow to get themselves ahead. Ready to have some one on your side in your job search? Contact me today.

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