S2 Ep2 – “Who’s looking out for you?” – The Conversation with Robert Field, Pete Cafarchio and Rick Diana

You’re a hard-working leader responsible for protecting and improving the backbone of your organization. It’s a never-ending job that takes energy, vigilance, constant improvement and keeping up with all the latest industry trends. 

But as you’re giving your best to your organization who’s looking out for you? What about your own personal development? Who can you trust to have no agenda other than your own success?

This session will be unlike any others in the conference. Using an interactive, fireside chat format you’ll hear about how one tech leader took his life and career to the next level by partnering with both an agent and a coach. He’ll tell you about his challenges, what the engagements were like, and the results that he got.

Valuable Voyage

Your money maker is the business tool belt you wear each and every day.

How do you monetize your capabilities? Can you brand your skill sets? How do core values affect your personal brand building? How can you make the most of your business voyage? Join us for this “CAREER CORNER” installment designed to boost your professional worth and strengthen business integrity! If you want some expert advice, please consider tuning into Rick Diana in episodes E86 and E87! Safe travels on your voyage!

Projecting Your Talents

Part two of this series explores harnessing, networking and messaging your talents. Rick’s straight forward approach enables you to convey and monetize your proven uniqueness. The next 80 minutes will give you tools and confidence to project your true value to the corporate world! We encourage you to share this episode with family and friends!